complement, compliment, complementary, complimentary
1. Complement and compliment each function as noun and verb; in pronunciation they are largely indistinguishable except that in the verbal function compliment has a fuller -i- sound in its second syllable and both words have a more distinct -ment sound in the third syllable. Both words are derived from Latin complere ‘to fill up’; complement means ‘something that completes’ and should be distinguished from supplement which means ‘something that adds to’. A compliment is ‘a spoken or written expression of praise’.
2. The derivative adjectives have corresponding meanings. Complimentary means ‘expressing a compliment’ and has the additional meaning ‘given free of charge’ (e.g.complimentary tickets). (Complementary means ‘completing’ or ‘forming a complement’:

• Chelsea Theatre is a small yet dynamic new writing theatre enriched by a complementary programme of arts activities —theatre reviews website, 2004 [OEC])

and has a special use in the context of medical therapy that falls outside the scope of scientific medicine but supports it (e.g. acupuncture and osteopathy).

Modern English usage. 2014.


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